Sienna Villas Bacoor

House And Lot In Bacoor, Cavite

Sienna Villas Bacoor

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Brgy. Salinas, Bacoor, Cavite
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 55 sqm - 63 sqm
Price Range: Php 1.8 M - Php 3 M


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Sienna Villas Bacoor By Camella Homes

Sienna Villas Bacoor is developed by Camella Homes in order to provide comfortable and elegant homes to Filipinos. This elegant beauty is an Italian-inspired residential community that is extremely affordable. It is a well-designed and concretely constructed residential community that offers spacious and airy townhouses to its occupants. 

Sienna Villas Bacoor is a well guarded and gated residential community that spaciously accommodates three hundred and fifty townhouse units, each one crafted to perfection. The total expanse covered by Sienna Villas Bacoor is four hectares where all the various townhouses stand erect.

The location of the property is an ideal one. It stands amidst the hustling and bustling region of Cavite's Bacoor. It is one of the most strategic locations for people looking to settle down at a convenient location where they can lead a happy life with their near and dear ones. 

Loads of essential establishments lie close to Sienna Villas Bacoor, furthermore easing out your life. SM Bacoor is located in the close neighborhood, Robinson's Place, as well as Makro, are other important setups located close to Sienna Villas Bacoor. These essential establishments furthermore ease out the life of the residents to the core. They require traveling for the least amount of time in order to fetch any and every requirement that might arise. 

Various reputed schools are also available in close vicinity of Sienna Villas Bacoor. The kids of the property need not take the pains of traveling to long distances in order to reach their educational establishments. There are also various colleges located close to the property. This allows the teens as well as the youth to again save a lot of traveling time. This time can be utilized by them to indulge into various other activities of interest such that some productive results can be achieved. 

Various worshipping places are available close to the community such that you can anytime visit them without any inconvenience and have a peaceful time with the almighty. If you visit the church on Sundays with family then a little drive can be a fun outing on the weekend. 

There are closely located banks where the residents can head to for financial transactions. A number of marks and shopping places are located close to Sienna Villas Bacoor where the residents can have their shopping craves settled. A number of closely located commercial establishments allow the residents to easily commute to their working places. It is also convenient for the ones whose work typically involves a lot of traveling. 

Sienna Villas Bacoor is furthermore an elegantly designed residential community that offers a large number of two-storied townhouses where the residents can reside in utmost peace.  

One of the townhouse types that Sienna Villas Bacoor offers is named as Fiorentina. This townhouse is expanded in lot area of fifty-five square meters and flaunts sixty-three square meters of floor area. It features two spacious floors where three spacious rooms are accommodated. A large living space, roomy dining space as well as a kitchen with ample of storing space are other major offerings of this brilliant townhouse. There are two well-tiled baths and toilets as well as provision for a carport where the residents can easily park their car. 

Security at Sienna Villas Bacoor is very well maintained such that the occupants can lead a safe and secure lifestyle. The entire perimeter of the property is well guarded by a concrete fencing such that the property is a secure place to reside at. The entrance of Sienna Villas Bacoor is occupied by a guard house which is occupied by trained security professionals who ensure the safety of the residents of the property. They keep a firm check on all the entrants as well as vehicles that keep incoming and outgoing. Therefore, if the security of your residence, as well as your near and dear ones, is of prime importance to you then Sienna Villas Bacoor is the perfect pick for you. 

Sienna Villas Bacoor also offers a long list of convincing amenities to its residents such that they can enjoy various offerings well within their residing location. Some of the many offerings of Sienna Villas Bacoor include 24x7 clean water supply, tight security as well as lush green surroundings. The wide lanes of the property are concretely built where the residents can take regular strolls. 

A huge basketball court is another amenity of Sienna Villas Bacoor where the kids, teens as well as the youth of the property can enjoy elongated playing sessions with their friends and cousins. This offering of the property allows the young lot to stay fit as well as healthy and also away from the various handheld electronic gadgets. Therefore, if you desire to invest in a residential setup that offers excellent amenities for your kids then Sienna Villas Bacoor is an ideal pick for you.

Camella Homes Sienna Villas Bacoor in Brgy. Salinas, Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Sienna Villas Bacoor, then check here first. We have full details of Sienna Villas Bacoor updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Sienna Villas Bacoor - Location & Vicinity

Sienna Villas Bacoor is  located at Brgy. Salinas, Bacoor, Cavite.

Sienna Villas Bacoor is located in Cavite. This is a large property covering an area of four hectares which stands straight in the hustling and bustling city of Bacoor. This location is a strategic one for all those who are looking to invest in a comfortable housing community where the residents can reside in utmost peace. 

Various establishments of prime importance are situated extremely close to Sienna Villas Bacoor which makes the life of the residents easy and convenient. In order to fetch any day-to-day essential one need not travel long distances which ease out the lifestyle of all. 

There are various essential roadways connected to Sienna Villas Bacoor which makes traveling of the residents easier in all ways. These important roadways lead to various essential establishments like banks, schools, universities, restaurants, shopping malls, marketplaces, commercial establishments, hospitals, worshipping places etc. 

It is located close to establishments like SM Bacoor, Makro as well as Robinson's Place. Apart from these nearby located establishments, there are various nearby located sporting complexes, including Imus Sports Complex. This sporting setup can be visited by the residents as and when desired. There are various games for the residents to indulge in while visiting this sporting complex. Your kids would love visiting this place. 

If shopping is what you desire doing every weekend then Sienna Villas Bacoor offers a number of renowned options to the residents for their weekend shopping craves. A couple of the various options include Festival Mall as well as Waltermart. You can conveniently head to these places such that you can shop with the top-notch brands. A few minutes’ drive can lead to you these shopping places. There are also an ample number or eateries such as restaurants, ice cream parlors, cafes, fast food centers, etc. located in and around these shopping malls. Therefore, Sienna Villas Bacoor is an ideal location where you can have absolutely sorted weekends. 

Sienna Villas Bacoor is also located close to various educational establishments including schools, universities as well as colleges. These various reputed setups can be conveniently visited by the various kids as well as the teens of the property. Having such establishments located in close vicinity allows the kids to save a lot of their traveling time which can be put to other productive use. 

Sienna Villas Bacoor has a lot of marketplaces as well as retail counters located in the close neighborhood where the residents can head for their day-to-day shopping requirements. These retail counters can be reached either by a small walk or a quick drive where the residents need not spend much time in traveling to distant places. 

Having a lot of commercial establishments located in the close vicinity of Sienna Villas Bacoor. This allows the residents to invest the least amount of time in traveling in order to reach their working location. In fact, the presence of various comfortable modes of commutation allows the residents to travel with utmost ease.

Sienna Villas Bacoor Location

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Basketball Court

Basketball Court

Sienna Villas Bacoor - Features & Amenities

Sienna Villas Bacoor is an ideal residential development by Camella Homes that is crafted in the best possible manner such that the residents can enjoy their lifestyle to the core. The developers have designed the various amenities and features of the property keeping the comfort, convenience as well as the luxury of the occupants in mind. 

To begin with, Sienna Villas Bacoor offers a concretely safe and secure environment for the residents. The perimeter of the property is well secured by a concrete fencing such that the surroundings of the property are securely maintained. Another addition to the security feature of Sienna Villas Bacoor is the presence of a guardhouse at the entrance point of the property. This guardhouse of the property is occupied by trained security guards who are placed on the property to maintain a tight security. These security guards hold the responsibility of maintaining safety in and around the property. No strange individual or vehicle can ever enter the residence premises without the permission of the security guards. 

Another interesting offering in the amenities list of Sienna Villas Bacoor is a large-sized and well-designed clubhouse. This is a hugely and concretely build multiple use creation by the developers such that the residents can have a common location to meet and gel up together. This clubhouse holds various recreational activities for all the various age groups of the property including the kids as well as the elders. The residents can regularly meet up in the clubhouse and spend some quality time with family, neighbors as well as friends. This clubhouse can also be used to hold meetings amongst the residents such that a peaceful environment can be maintained.

In today's world when the entire world of getting digital the most affected age group stays to be of the teens and kids. They are often seen busy with their handheld electronics. This habit has led to damaging their health as well as proper development. The developers of Sienna Villas Bacoor have paid immense attention to keep the kids of the property intensely engaged in energetic activities. A large-sized basketball court is accommodated within Sienna Villas Bacoor. This court can be used by the kids to play and practice this interesting sport. This provision not just keeps the kids fit and active but also helps them learn and master this amazing sport. 

Sienna Villas Bacoor features a large number of open spaces that are covered with lush green vegetation. The lush greenery offered by the property makes the surroundings look green, soothing as well as keeps the ambiance fresh and pollution free. The fresh environment is an ideal one for someone looking out for a residing location that owns a calm and fresh ambiance.

The builders have offered excellent management for all the various offered amenities and features. There are expert professionals who take care of all the facilities including the cleanliness of the surroundings. These individuals make sure that all the various offerings are carried out uninterruptedly every day. 

All in all, Sienna Villas Bacoor is such a residential setup that not just offers an ample number of convenient offerings but also ensures the proper execution of the same further enhancing the lives of the residents.

  • Basketball Court
  • Clubhouse

Sienna Villas Bacoor - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Fiorentina Townhouse ₱ 1,896,275 Floor Area: 43 sqm / Lot Area: 55 sqm

Sienna Villas Bacoor - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1 : No Down, No Interest
24 months to pay
Option 2: ( 15 – 85 Scheme )
15% DP over 3 months
87.5% Remaining balance payable thru BF

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